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MicroBlading Advanced Latex Training Kit

  • Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit

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MicroBlading Advanced Latex Training Kit



Boost your progress with a whole new practice experience! Practice using some of the best patterns developed by PhiAcademy Masters! All this using 3D technology that feels like real skin! The new advanced Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit brings the expertise of our top.

Specially designed practice latex pads for a whole new level of experience. Use patterns created by the most popular PhiAcademy Masters to practice your craft. Some of the world’s best brow patterns available in one place for a totally unique experience in self-development. Each latex pad provides various eyebrow patterns for you to trace and practice different styles.

Extremely flexible. Feels like real skin to the touch. Trace over the provided eyebrow strokes to achieve perfect precision, achieve balance in your technique and proper command over your strokes. Use these pads to perfect your shading skills as well Great for beginners and professionals who want to achieve a totally new level in terms of technique.

The Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit also gives you the opportunity to test out our new specially designed and long awaited product - Phi Practice Ink, created from an ideal pigment formula created especially for practice purposes, with the same recognizable Phi quality and consistency.

The Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit contains:

  • 6 latex pads with multiple traceable patterns printed on both sides. These patterns were created by the most experienced Phi Masters.
  • 10 disposable tools with our most advanced Phi 304 Blade, the thinnest microblading blade in the world
  • Our new exclusive product: Phi Practice Ink
  • PhiWipes for cleaning latex 5 pcs
  • 3D latex pad allowing the artist to feel like he/she is working on a real model
  • 10 professional pigment rings

The Kit multiples the number of styles you can learn, providing you with a whole new experience! All you need for the most advanced practice experience all in one compact kit.

***NOTE: Products are not sterile! Intended for practice use on Latex Skin ONLY.

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